Summer Vacation - a great time to begin mentoring!

Information for Parents


What is Partners?

Partners matches youth with a screed and trained adult volunteer in a year-long mentoring partnership. Matches are made based on likes and interests and the needs of the child and family. Professional case managers support these mentoring partnerships as well as provide additional services for the youth and family. 


Why my child?

Partners is not a program for bad kids and it is not meant to replace the crucial role of a parent. A mentor is a friend and advocate for a youth who can provide them with new experiences while role modeling to assist with self-esteem, decision making, relationships and academics. Every child needs a mentor, Partners is designed assist and formalize that process. 


The Nexus Program.

Partners provides services prior to matching a youth with a mentor in our Nexus Program. Youth in Nexus are waiting for a mentor and are provided professional Case Management, monthly activities and other support. The Nexus program allows us to get to know each youth and make a successful match.  

Parent Survey (For all Parents with enrolled youth)

Information for Referral Sources

The Referral Process

All youth in the Partners Program must be referred by a youth serving professional. Youth are referred to the program from teachers, counselors, area service providers even religious leaders and doctors. Target youth can be identified as 'benefiting from having a positive adult role model' and tend to have one or more identified challenges at home, school or in the community.

To referrer a youth into the program please provide some of the important information on the referral form provided below. Partners requests the referrer let the parent or guardian know about the referral. The referral can be sent to the Case Manager assigned to geographic location of the youth residence.
Once received the referrer will be notified by the case manager. Ongoing communication will continue between the referral source and the case manager. Once matched, referrers may be contacted by volunteer mentors to better meet the needs of the youth. 

All information and referrals remain confidential and once enrolled parents consent to continued communication between service providers.